Pioneer Register of “Bathurst Pioneers”   A new on-line 2021 version of ‘Bathurst Pioneers’ before 1920 is now available ‘click’ here for further details.

A register of Pioneer Families of Bathurst NSW and District before 1920.

The Bathurst Family History Group Inc. published a comprehensive Pioneer Register in 2007.

The publication includes entries for 5,239 pioneers. Some of these (about 200) are alternate spellings that point to another entry. Overall, there are more than 31,750 named people in the Pioneer Register.

The program is fully interactive & you can search on keywords (first or last name, place, etc.) & when you display a name: birth date & place; father; mother; death details; spouse; children and contributor will all display. Details of how they arrived in Australia & Bathurst; residence & occupation may also be shown. Names are linked to related people. A full list of Surnames is available here 

Fifty early Parish and District maps from the 1800’s are available

There were more than 750 contributors for this Pioneer Register, plus 1000’s of entries by Bathurst Family History Group researchers.

There are specially prepared maps that include some place names that are no longer used and an index of place names to help you find them.

Purchase options

This Pioneer database was originally produced in the early 2000’s and the CD released in 2007. It appears that operating system changes mid 2020 may now prevent this CD being reinstalled on a new Windows computer. If you have it installed on your old computer we believe it should continue to operate, however, if you upgrade your computer you may not be able to reinstall it.  We apologize for any inconvenience, however, as mentioned earlier on this page we have now released the Pioneer Register Database as an online version, which will be continuously updated. You can become a subscriber to the new version HERE. If you have only purchased your CD in recent years we may be able to arrange a discount price. For further information please contact

eBook Version

The printed book version sold out very quickly and was expensive to publish.
We are now selling the Bathurst Pioneers book version in pdf format for $35.00. It should run on all computers and tablets.
If you are interested in ordering your pdf eBook (402 pg. A4- 8 Mb) please use  Order Form here
The eBook includes colour district maps that were included with the original book, plus details about accessing Parish maps on-line that were not available when the book was originally printed
A sample is available for download here