The Early Mayors of Bathurst 1863-1915       –  NEW release

The Early Mayors of Bathurst 1863-1915 by Dianne Barnes was released at the Group’s 30th birthday celebrations in 2014.

This edition has been revised in 2020 with more information, corrections, illustrations and photos. It is printed in A4 with 272 pgs.

The book covers the period leading up to and during the early years of the establishment of Bathurst. The book is a fascinating read, with readers exploring Bathurst’s early mayors through their personalities.

The author has thoroughly researched the topic to write the book – a task that took around 14 months and involved scouring archives, newspaper collections and Trove. The book is both informative and enjoyable to read and own.

An eBook is also available. Click here  for sample.

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