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                                                   Register of Bathurst Pioneer Families before 1920  

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First published in 2007 containing Pioneer Families of Bathurst NSW and District before 1900. 

This register contains 27,156 individual names: 5,283 pioneers, 2862 spouses (in addition to those shown with pioneer details), 19,011 children (in addition to those shown with pioneer details) Spouses & children show pioneer number where details exist. This is a considerable number of entries for the Bathurst Region for the period between 1815 and 1900, considering the total population of Bathurst in the 1901 census was only 10,169 people. See here.

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This information was believed to be correct when submitted by contributors in the early 2000’s.  All material published has been accepted in good faith and the Bathurst Family History Group Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy. In many instances, we are able to put you in touch with the original contributor.

Note: Denomination is often abbreviated such as: CE (Church of England) or Wes (Wesleyan). Place names may also be abbreviated particularly if capitalized such as COR IRL for (Cork Ireland) use Chapman Codes button for abbreviations. Old Occupations can be shown using that button and the 1866 Baillier’s Gaztter shows old locations.