Bathurst Pioneers CD Support

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You will need:

  1. the username from the sticker on the CD
  2. the password from the sticker on the CD
    N.B.  Ignore any handwriting on the sticker
    (After activating the CD you won’t need the above items unless you need to reactivate the CD.)
  3. The “Unique ID” that you see on your computer’s screen when you run the un-activated CD
    This is the code that follows the sentence beginning with the word IMPORTANT and is in the middle of the screen – it looks like 319C-CF2D.
    This code is unique for the computer on which you are running the CD.
  4. Access to the internet and an email address where the activation code will be sent.

Activate your CD now

Resolve Activation Problems

NOTE: The letter “O” will not exist in your Unique ID or in the Activation Key. If you think you see “O” it will actually be the number 0. The distinction between the letter “O” and the number 0 has resulted in Activation difficulties for several people.

Make sure that you:

  1. Enter your “Owner’s name” in the Activation website page
    e.g. John Smith
  2. Enter “Organisation” name if desired – not essential
    e.g. Thistown FHG
  3. Enter the “Unique ID” from the Bathurst Pioneers Screen
    this is the code that comes after the word IMPORTANT as described above
    e.g. D509-691D – this will NEVER include the letter “O” but may include the number 0
    (note that only numbers from 0 to 9 and upper case letters from A to F are used in the “Unique ID”)
  4. Click the “Generate Activation Code” button. The Screen with your Activation code will appear.
  5. Copy and paste the Activation code from the website to the “Activation code/key” box on Bathurst Pioneers Screen – This will NEVER include the letter “O” but it may include the number “0”.
  6. Make sure the Owner’s Name in the Bathurst Pioneers Screen matches EXACTLY the Owner’s Name on the website.
    e.g. (to match exactly the sample shown in 1 above) John Smith – not john smith   — not John Smith.   (i.e. punctuation must match)  — not JOHN SMITH
  7. Click the “Activate Now” button – Bathurst Pioneers should close – indicating that it has been successfully activated.
  8. Restart Bathurst Pioneers by running the program.

If you still can’t activate your CD, please send an email to requesting that we phone you – make sure you advise your phone number in the message.

Run Bathurst Pioneers from your hard drive

Put the CD away for safe keeping.

It is easy to install and run Bathurst Pioneers on the hard drive of your computer.

Simply copy the executable file (BathurstPioneers.exe – about 7Mb) to your hard drive.

We recommend that you right-click the file that you copied then click ‘Pin to Start’.

NB The Unique ID displayed when you run the application from your hard drive will be different to the Unique ID displayed when the application was run from the CD.
You will need to obtain an Activation Code for the HDD installation.

The extras on the CD (maps and place information) are not accessible with this installation but can be accessed directly from the CD.

To run Bathurst Pioneers from your hard drive just click on the icon in the Start menu.   

How to Uninstall Bathurst Pioneers CD

Select the Add/Remove Programs icon in the Windows Control Panel, then highlight HTML Executable and click on Remove or Maintenance button (it may change with different versions of Windows).