Unmarked Graves Headstones Unveiling

The unveiling of two headstones took place today June 2 in the Bathurst

Aadje’s headstone unveiled by his sister Laura & the Consul General of the Netherlands

Cemetery. These were for Adrianus Nicolaas Maria “Aadje” Van der KLUGT and another headstone for all the other Migrant Camp children who died during the operation of the camp in Bathurst from 1948-52.

Frank van Beuningen, Consul General of the Netherlands

Aadje’s headstone was unveiled by his sister Laura Goldsmith & the Netherlands Consul General Frank van Beuningen.

Fr Paul Devitt giving the blessing

About 14 of Aadje’s family consisting of brother, sister and other members of the family, together with over 10 former children who were in the camp 70 years ago also attended the ceremony.

Karol Hubbard spoke on behalf of the family, pictured with Fr Devitt, Mayor, Consul General and family members

James Hayman who initiated the research, thanking the BFHG

Mayor, Consul General & family members

Graeme Hanger (Mayor) & Cr. Jacqui Rudge unveiling migrant children headstone

6 year old Aadje

Some of the more than 75 present at the ceremony

The event also received good coverage on TV, radio and in the newspaper here

At the time the migrant camp accommodated up to 8,000 people at one time located on the Limekilns road near Bathurst in an ex-WWII army camp that was designed to accommodate 1,500 soldiers. Bathurst at that time had a similar population to the camp. In its 4 years of operation almost 100,000 people passed through the camp.