A Pictorial History of Bathurst

Theo Barker Published by Robert Brown and Associates, 1985.

This book includes more than 300 photographs and illustrations depicting Bathurst throughout its history.

From the Preface:
The Bathurst District Historical Society owns many negatives and prints that have been donated to it since it was formed in 1947. The largest single collection is made up of glass negatives that were produced by the E.A. Gregory Studio in George Street, Bathurst, mostly between 1895 and the early 1930s. There are approximately 4,500 of them and they came into the Society’s possession through the late Mr Jack Campbell who offered to receive them at a date unknown when the studio desired to be rid of them. He stored them at his home in Bentinck Street and after his death they passed to his widow who gave them to the Historical Society, cl965. For years no action was taken except to store them safely but about 1980 Mrs R Dorsman, Bathurst City Librarian, secured a grant to number the negatives and to make a print of each one for reference purposes. Since then a subject index has been prepared by me, assisted by Mrs M. Palmer. Although the subject index is not yet complete it is sufficiently advanced to provide a comprehensive reference to the content of the photographs.

The Society acknowledges not only the skill of the Gregory Studio but also the great service to history by Mr and Mrs Jack Campbell. Thanks to them Bathurst possesses one of Australia’s great records of life at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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