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The History of Bathurst 1815-1915

Compiled from available records and Personal Memory (in 1938) by Charles Wansbrough Sloman, B.A. (Syd). Edited (in 1993) by Rex and Christopher Morgan. Published 1994 by The Runciman Press. ISBN 0 85890 028 9

The description on the front flap of the dust jacket:

This remarkable history of Bathurst’s first hundred years was written during the 1930s by Charles Wansborough Sloman while he lived at Abercrombie House, then known as The Mount. Sloman was born in Bathurst in the late 1860s and a good deal of his history is written from personal memory. He knew many of those about whom he writes and was present at many of the events he describes.

This factual history was a massive undertaking by Sloman and was preserved, unseen, in manuscript form for more than fifty years until his daughter, Mrs margaret Whiting, invited the Morgans of Abercrombie House to publish it. The information it contains touches uppon every facet of life in Bathurst in that exciting first one hundred years.

This excellent book will become an essential resource for future historians and those who wish to discover the people, events and organisations which led to the development of the city we admire so much today.

This book is out or print, however the Index is available HERE

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