Female Factory – Ground Penetrating Radar Survey

The Bathurst Female Factory which housed female convicts in the early 1800’s was in the vicinity of Charlotte & William Streets. It was the first two storey building west of the mountains and had a brick floor. It was demolished shortly after it ceased to be used for this purpose.

Our Group has been successful in obtaining a grant and a couple of members made generous donations towards conducting a Ground Penetrating Radar survey of the general area in the hope of locating evidence of the site below the ground.

This survey will take place on Friday 20th September. Council will be closing Charlotte St. and the road shoulders in the vicinity during the day while the survey takes place.

The attached plans show: the Site to be surveyed here; the 1846 town map here & an early watercolour of the site here

All members are welcome to come and visit the site to see the procedure from 10-3 pm.