History of the Bathurst Contingents 1868-1987.

By Denis J. Chamberlain. Pub. 1987 by the author. ISBN-0-8317-0211-0

This book includes many names lists - of people who served in just about any battle that has occurred between 1868 and 1987. It is indexed but if you are looking for a particular name, it is worth browsing right through the book.

Many photographs enhance the book.

This book is listed here because it may be of interest to those who are researching people associated with the Bathurst district.

The Family History Group of Bathurst does not necessarily have access to a copy of the publication and makes no claim regarding the availability of the book.

The book may be available at your local library or through an inter-library loan or the book may be available for purcchase in Bathurst but not elsewhere. In the last case, the Family History Group of Bathurst Inc. may be able to purchase the book on your behalf and post it to you at cost.