There are three books in this series.

Book 1 was first published in 1964. It records the story of Hill End and Tambaroora as they were when their streets were thronged with people who came from the ends of the earth in answer to the magic call of gold. This volume deals mainly with people.

Book 2 was published in 1965. ISBN 0 9598994 7 2.
It tells about the techniques of winning gold, and deals in detail with the claims which brought world fame to the district. It also includes a list of more than three thousand children born in the area from 1856 to 1893 (parents names are not given).

Book 3 was published in 1972. ISBN 0958950709.
It deals with the greatly-diminished town as the author saw it in his boyhood. It was a remote, isolated, inward-looking community cut off from ready contact with larger towns by many kilometres of mountainous road. It includes a list of names on the Honour Board for World War 1. Also an incomplete list of children who attended Hill End Public School at some time during the period 1903 to 1912. There is a list of some of the families who lived at Hill End or Tambaroora during the period covered. Together the three volumes present a comprehensive picture of the Hill End - Tambaroora goldfield.

No index. Available for purchase - each book $26.95.

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