A Book of reminiscences by HENRY H. NEARY
Originally printed in 1940.

Revised and reprinted in 1983.

This book is dedicated to the men who worked and laboured with bent back and taut muscles on the Turon Goldfields trying to wrest from Mother Earth her precious secret of wealth.

The author says: 'Many mingled memories linger around the old time goldfields of Wattle Flat and Sofala. The fields that were rich in gold were also rich in romance, wealth found and lost, adventure of high hearts, faithful friendships and bitter hatreds are woven into the many coloured web spun by Time.'

Many people are described in the book, along with chapters on 'Alluvial Claims', 'History of Sunny Corner', Interesting Neighbours', 'The Settler's Scourge', 'The Shooting of Cordington'. 'Ancient Landmarks', 'Election Days' and 'Bushrangers of the Area'.

No index. Available for purchase $10 plus postage

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