Password Reset

LOGOUT          |           If you have not received a new password after 1 September 2017, enter email address and ‘click’ Reset Password.  You may need to click Send/Receive on your email to refresh it & receive new password, or check your spam folder if it does not appear (otherwise just be patient) You can copy & paste new password if you wish as it may contain hard to read special characters.

If you do not know how to copy & paste there are several ways to do this: probably the simplest way with (windows operating systems) is to highlight the password, while holding the LEFT mouse key on the email password; then RIGHT ‘click’ the password; this brings up a ‘mini menu’; in this menu LEFT ‘click’ the word COPY to select it; then go to your login screen; LEFT ‘click’ in the Password Box & clear it; then RIGHT ‘click’ it; & in the mini menu that appears LEFT ‘click’ PASTE

Unfortunately there are literally 100’s of subtle differences between version of windows & other operating systems, browsers, etc & possibly no 2 people will have an identical system setup.