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The Story of Bathurst
Written by Bathurstians and edited by Bernard Greaves. Published by Angus & Robertson, 1961.From the dustjacket’s flap:
“This book is the fulfilment of plans made some years ago when a group of Bathurst people met together and decided to put the story of their city into lasting form. The main idea of the authors was to provide a good readable story based on original and authoritative material. A century of newspapers were read and searched for details, old family records and photographs were made available, archives consulted, and countless unnamed ordinary citizens helped in many ways to build up this picture of a city that has both human appeal and historical importance.
The chapters generally are arranged in chronological order, which reveals the continuity of Bathurst life and brings out more clearly the part this fine city has taken in the life of the nation. The illustrations are of particular interest and value in such a story, and the selection made for this book rounds out an absorbing and welcome local history.”

This book includes a mine of information. Unfortunately references to source material are scant and some details have been found to be inaccurate. But this doesn’t detract from the usefulness of the book for the family historian.

The first edition which does not have an index. Later editions (second and third) do have an index and also include a “Chronology of Events” from January 1, 1961 to October 31, 1973.

This book is out or print, however the Index is available HERE

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