Cemeteries of Bathurst and District

Cemetery Transcriptions and Indexes

The Family History Group of Bathurst Inc. has many cemetery indexes and transcriptions and you should contact the group for a thorough search of our records.

Bathurst & Kelso Burials & Cremations - CD

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Bathurst Cemetery Index

This index was compiled in 1989. Individual transcriptions are available. Cost is:

Please quote the GREF reference when ordering

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Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, Kelso

You should write to the church's archivist to request copies of transcriptions.
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Small Cemeteries in the Bathurst District

List of smaller cemeteries for which we hold indexes and/or transcriptions (Acrobat Document)

Full indexes and some MIs for these cemeteries are now available for members to search in the 'Members Only' section of the website.

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