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JOURNAL: Carillon Chimes

CARILLON CHIMES is published every second month by the Family History Group of Bathurst. The journal gives details of the current activities of the group, family history activities around Australia and articles about Bathurst and its earlier citizens, members' stories, and articles of historical, entertainment or local interest.

Each issue includes an update of recent additions to the Group's resource library and Research Inquiries from members and correspondents.

Each issue of Carillon Chimes is also published here on our website and can be viewed online with Acrobat Reader or downloaded and printed.

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Contributions for Publication in Carillon Chimes

Articles are always sought for publication in Carillon Chimes. Please Contact the editor, if you have an article you would like to have published in the "Chimes" (feel free to attach the article to your message)

All financial members receive Carillon Chimes by post, for non-members, subscription to Carillon Chimes is $20 per year.

Contact the Treasurer to subscribe to Carillon Chimes.

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