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Bathurst Pioneers

The Family History Group of Bathurst Inc. published a comprehensive Pioneer Register in 2007.

Unfortunately we have no more copies of the book available but we do have plenty of CDs which will only run on a PC (not Mac).

The publication includes entries for 5,239 pioneers. Some of these (about 200) are alternate spellings which point to another entry. Overall, there are more than 31,750 named people in the Pioneer Register.

There were more than 750 contributors for this Pioneer Register.

Both the CD and the book include specially prepared maps which include some place names that are no longer used and an index of place names to help you find them.

The book has 400 packed pages, is about 1 inch thick and weighs more than 1kg.



The CD may be used on one computer only and will run once only before it must be activated over the internet, by phone or by mail. It will run on a PC with Windows 95 or later and a minimum of 64Mb RAM. (Not all features of the CD will function properly if memory or screen specifications are limited).

If you would like to comment or ask questions about the publication, please go to the Forum on our website (free registration required).

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